Sunday, 27 November 2016

24 Days to Cruise Day!

We are now only 24 days until Cruise Day arrives, and as with previous cruises at Christmas we always find the last three weeks manic.

Not only are we planning a cruise, it is the run up the the madness of the holiday season, as well as the busiest time of the year at work.   Added to this year we are in the final swings of house renovations!      This week the bathroom will be finished and then next week we have new carpet throughout the house.  That will be a mammoth job emptying all the rooms and lift carpets, and once all laid the moving back of the furniture.    Fortunately my sister-in-law and her husband are helping out.   Although there is one rule - ONLY FURNITURE WE ARE KEEPING IS ALLOWED BACK INTO THE HOUSE!.

This weekend I need to get the Annual Christmas Letter written and printed before the computer is packed up.

Back to the cruise.    The departure time from Auckland has been delayed to 10 pm, so check-in is now 3 - 5 pm.   This works well for us as I have the hairdresser at 9 am making the day not such a rush.     The plan is to drive to the pier, unload the bags etc, drive home, park the car and take the train back to the ship.      The new departure time means we will get to see Auckland night lights on sailing out, which we are really looking forward too.

We also have new rules for this cruise:

  • Sleep in each day, and forget trying to make MDR for breakfast.    This will mean Pete may need to go down to the International Cafe while I am in the shower for breakfast and ordering a pot of coffee from room service.
  • Be more social.  Go to shows and the nightclub.   No sloping off at 10 pm to bed!
  • No drama about getting to dinner at set times
  • I need to get over myself and go to the Buffet if necessary.   I hate getting hot food and by the time you find a table it is cold!